3 Things I learned as a beauty advisor

1. Skincare should be a priority.

When I began my career as a beauty advisor, it became very apparent to me I knew NOTHING about keeping my skin healthy. If we spent more time educating people about the largest organ on their body, I’m confident there would be a lot less sick people in the world. I recommend immediately starting a routine NOW, before it’s too late. Skincare damage is for most people, irreversible, unless you have money to spend on expensive luxury spa treatments or plastic surgery and even then, you’re not guaranteed to eliminate sun damage, scarring, wrinkles or dark spots. Here’s what I recommend as a starting point…every morning and every night:

a. Facial exfoliator


b. Toner, astringent, or witch hazel


c. Daytime moisturizer with at least 15spf sunscreen and at night a repairing moisturizer

I use and recommend:

Day-time: https://www.alittlefancy.com/product/daytime-oily-to-acne-moisturizer/

Night-time: https://www.alittlefancy.com/product/evening-oily-to-acne-moisturizer/

Oily skin? I feel ya, STILL use the moisturizer. Switch to an oil free one if need be, but your skin actually produces more oils if it isn’t properly hydrated. Also, drink PLENTY of water. Water keeps your skin healthy…heck it just keeps you healthy PERIOD.

2. Always, always, always clean your makeup brushes

Now this one, I have to admit, I’m pretty terrible at. Its usually laziness…but its simple enough to do. I know a lot of websites and other bloggers say to use dawn dish soap…I find this dries out most natural hair makeup brushes. I recommend using your shampoo and and even following it up with a tiny bit of conditioner. It increases the longevity of your brushes. I STILL use some of the same makeup brushes today that I got over 13 years ago when I first started doing makeup!

3. Quality does matter.

A lot of women argue that you can buy “the same” makeup in a drug store as you can in a department store beauty counter or even companies that sell to you directly. This is true, but also false. Often times drug store brands are also the makers of department store brands but I always like to put it like this… the automobile manufacturer Ford makes a little economy car called a Fiesta…they also make beautiful luxury Jaguars. There’s an obvious difference in the quality of materials, finishes and upgrades they put into a Jaguar. When you drive a Jaguar, you expect it to drive smoother, have the finest leather interior, top of the line stereo system…the same goes for buying quality makeup. Not to sound like a makeup snob and no offense to drivers of the Fiesta, but if my skin is the only skin I’ll ever have…I wouldn’t want to put Fiesta quality makeup on my face.

Speaking of quality makeup, did you know the makeup I sell is vegan, wax free, waterproof, smudge proof, never tested animals? I became a distributor just before getting pregnant with my son Levi and my skin was the best it’s ever been…I’d like to say it was all hormones but I’m pretty sure the quality makeup I was using made a huge difference too! You can shop all of the makeup line here: SHOP


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