I’m Emily and welcome to A Little Fancy! I started this website as a way to stay connected with my girlfriends who I often dressed, make-upped and styled and to share my passion of “doing everything”.  I’m a self proclaimed craft maven, home decorator, real estate expert, amateur graphic designer, photographer, people professional, glitter lover, make-up addict, all around creative entrepreneur and pioneer of mastering the art of cooking, baking and consuming enormous amounts of sugar and coconut products.

After multiple career changes, moving state to state and working nine to fives, I began realizing that the “safe job” route was just not for me …I finally decided to “stick it to the man” and work for me, myself and I. Eventually I got to the tipping point that I realized that I have so many ideas, non-traditional and some traditional dreams and passions that I want to pursue…and the perfect fit was Creative Entrepreneurship full time…so here we are!

I consider myself a thrifty, goofy, girly-girl with a little bit of sass! I love sharing my discoveries with you, not only in makeup, but also in fashion, home decor, real estate, design, food, diy and much much more.  You can view all my lifestyle blog posts on this site by category simply by visiting the menu bar at the top of each page!

Born in Manila and raised in Virginia, I’m currently globe trotting between Kauai island in Hawaii and Boston Massachusetts while my husband travels for work. I like to blend my east coast Virginia roots with a comfortable New England style.

My hope is that you will find ways to incorporate A Little Fancy into your life and that my blog is helpful, fun and relatable. Thank you for taking this journey with me – Please, stay a while!

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xoxo Emily