Under $2500 Bathroom Budget Remodeling Project Part 1

I’m in the planning stages of remodeling our bathroom in our Condo in Boston, MA. When I get home from Hawaii in a couple of days, I plan on starting this project. The mockup pictured above, is what we plan to do.

Here’s what we are working with currently:

We have a stacking washer dryer which eats up half the bathroom (its to the left of the vanity pictured above)…we plan on replacing it with a single, combination ventless washer/dryer.

A worn out golden oak IKEA vanity which is starting to show signs of aging, including cracking in the sink and veneer peeling on the faux wood. This will be replaced with a custom vanity and wood countertop.

A concrete subfloor…which I plan to tile. Using this tile from Home Depot.

A plain rectangular mirror, which will be replaced by a different mirror, I’m thinking p9ssibly something round.

We have barely enough storage for one person, let alone a husband and wife, so I’m currently storing my things in my vanity in the closet, so hopefully we will find a solution for this using a combination of wall storage and vanity storage. The only trick is we have metal studs in our condo, which makes it almost impossible to hang things without using crazy drywall anchors everywhere…so this will be a challenge.

I will post more details when I get home on Friday in a “Part 2” Blog post…link coming soon.

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