Are you the type of woman who hears the words “you’re so picky”? My husband often says to me, “babe, you’re so fancy”….in other words…I’m picky. I often respond, I’m only a little fancy…but truth be told, this comes from a deep rooted desire to not settle. Whether its the little things like being on time for a meeting or gathering, or tackling a huge goal, I want the best, not just for myself, but for my family, my friends, and my community. This doesn’t come out of a desire to be perfect, or to please others…my driving motivation is to give my all in life and accomplish the purpose God has for me on this earth. If you’re a living breathing person with a beating heart that loves people, then you are in the right place. If you want more in life, then I’m here to tell you, embrace being a little fancy!

My driving motivation celebrates being #alittlefancy at all aspects of our lives. Today’s woman looks fundamentally different from women in former generations. We’re are now able to embrace the fact that our lives are filled with purpose in every area. We’re doing work that we love, surrounding ourselves with leaders that inspire us, and we’re also pursuing our passions and making them priorities.

A Little Fancy’s mission and manifesto is to “cultivate confidence by inspiring women to design the lifestyle and ultimately the world that they wish to live in.” For each woman, this may look a little different, however, my goal is to affect change by drawing upon strengths in each of us individually, in every unique role we have in our lives. We can accomplish so much more by embracing our unique giftings, passions and callings and celebrating one another. Through discussions on topics including career advice and skill building, style, food, health and beauty, and design, we’re highlighting the fantastic women around us who are working—nose to the grindstone—at all aspects of their lives.

A Little Fancy’s purpose is not to focus on the material things, but to truly to make every woman who visits my site feel better about themselves and find their inner strength, passions, vision for their life and to pursue them with all that is within them.